"The Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center is the umbrella for some of Miami's most important artistic endevors ."
Miami Hispanic Ballet &
International ​​Ballet Festival of Miami
The Miami Hispanic Ballet Company was established in 1993, as a non-for profit dance organization dedicated to identifying and promoting professional dance artists of Hispanic descent in Miami-Dade County.  The MHB has produced and presented major galas and performances of proven artistic excellence and is the Parent organization company for the annual International Ballet Festival of Miami considered one of the most important ballet Festivals in the United States.
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Creation Art Center


Creation Art Center (CAC) is a non-for profit cultural organization with 501(c) (3) status. The first organization created by  Pedro Pablo Pena  in 1983 and dedicated to professionals, wishing to enhance the support and progress of Hispanic artists in Miami-Dade County.   The organization offers an annual season of theater productions, play-readings and workshops, which are all presented in Spanish as well as a series of art exhibits and music concerts.  These activities are open to the public interested in learning about Hispanic Theater and Culture.

Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami​​


The CCBM was founded in January 2006 as a non for profit dance organization by Pedro Pablo Peña. The main purpose of the CCBM is to promote and preserve the tradition of classical ballet and aims to showcase recently exiled Cuban dancers, as well as other Latin American rising stars, those already residing in the United States and abroad. . Through the establishment of this company, our artists have found a place where they can transform their brilliant technique into tools of expression and share with their American counterparts the grand style and purism of this famed school of ballet.  The company also offers a great opportunity for young American talent to raise in the ranks of the company through the fusion of the Cuban technique and American style.  The CCBM represents the true essence of classical ballet, and wishes to be recognized nationally and internationally for its high technical standards, artistic integrity and unwavering commitment to presenting the very best in classical repertoire, thus ensuring that the CCBM achieves an international reputation as one of the preeminent ballet companies in America.

Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami School


Under the direction of  Ballet Master Eriberto Jimenez 


Famous for its artistic virtuosity and technical brilliance, the Cuban Ballet School has trained some of the most well known dancers of today and the late 20th Century, and has created a technique that is unmatched in modern day classical ballet.  The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami’s (CCBM’s) goal is to establish a permanent classical ballet company and school that will preserve and further the tradition of the Cuban School of ballet outside of Cuba.  The CCBM School will be the only school in Miami that will train dancers to a professional level within the strict regulations of the classical ballet Cuban methodology.   The Students will also be introduced to the various schools of classical movement by having internationally renowned guest ballet masters throughout the year.  Because of its geography, Miami is the perfect location to attract talented young students from all over the Caribbean and Latin America, and it will be one of the School’s goals to expand its teaching program and extend scholarship opportunities to students of Hispanic descent, as well as others, who may otherwise not have resources to study.








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