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Videos of our different activities can be found bellow.

Film - Documentary: "Miami Our City"

Miami  HIspanic Cultural Arts Center

Grand Opening of the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center

Interview with Pedro Pablo Peña

Telemundo 51. "Rostros de nuestra ciudad"

General Director Pedro Pablo Peña on the behind the scene of Dancing with the Stars

Creation Arts Center - Festival Latinoamericano del Monólogo

Dariel Fernandez's TV Show visited our gallery at the last Antuan and Leonel Matheu Exhibition

Cuban Radio Personality, Ninoska Perez-Castellon, delighted the Miami Artscape with "Arraigos" at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center

XX International Ballet Festival Poster Unveiling and Reception

Meet the Stars Reception at The Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center

The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami

in the Dance Network

Photo gallery of the Unveiling of the Poster and the Statuette

Sony Latin Shoot their music video in our Cultural Arts Center

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